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Awakening 07:17
To look up into the night’s sky, to see the stars they are changed To know a thousand years or more have passed, and I am the same This mountain hollow that keeps me in a suffocating embrace A prison and a safe haven, it’s always been this way Lo, a new master calls me to awakening, I know this one brings the end Far out beyond the darkness I’ve been living in it’s true, a whole new world awaits CHORUS: Stellar constellations rise, lighting my way in the night Once again revitalized, to roam; to never die My path begins with the new dawn; a voice is calling my name It always starts as whispering then manifests to a scream I’m drawn to the creature that wakes me, bound to them by the curse My soul exists only to serve, a covenant of birth Fear not the task ahead there’s no escaping it, there’s no good nor evil here CHORUS Come to me, awakening Follow my voice, come to me Fear not the task ahead there’s no escaping it, there’s no good nor evil here CHORUS x 2
Shadow Guide 03:56
I wander aimlessly still reeling from the change Waiting for a sign or for a spectre that can guide me on my way Often times a watcher waits for me My days are passing under skies I cannot read Until a silhouette wings silently above Circling the road ahead and giving me the sense that he’s the one A falcon cries, echoing inside of me and ushering the tide Finally you found me CHORUS: Shadow guide, you lead me to horror Shadow guide, you harbour destiny Nowhere to hide, dark wings enfolding over me I can’t escape, I can’t defeat, shadow guide Though I know you navigate me to the chains of the one who’ll use me to do wrong I can’t help but follow your wake CHORUS x 2
Come gather round the fire I’ll tell you all a tale The day she came to power our lives forever changed Never before a darkness like this have we seen No end to suffering, all hail our mighty queen There’s no hiding from her, she sees everything Rules with the iron fist, you know she is The Matriarch She’ll eat your heart I’ve heard it said that she can melt you with her eyes And out her fingers spits a burning liquid fire Without a single word you’ll fall under her spell And rip yourself apart with your bare hands while marching to her bell There’s no rising above, she drowns everything Freedom doesn’t exist, you can’t resist The Matriarch You won’t get far Oh she brings nightmares to life, the foul most twisted kind And when you beg to die, she glorifies The Matriarch The Matriarch
Here you are, you’ve finally come You’re mine, at last! I’ve waited so long Listen well, this is why you are here I need you to find my sons Journey wide they’re spread across the land They will hide they know what I plan My sons were born for one purpose only Their blood my elixir of life Return them alive, I’ll kill them myself I’ll open their throats and drink from their skulls The ritual is very precise Bring them to me before the planets align The altars wait in silence, an effigy Soon their purpose divined Blood will run as rivers upon them The time has come to CHORUS: Cleanse the bloodlines, free me from the clutch of Death incarnate, my reign must never end Unearth my descendants, find them and bring them to me Feed my insatiable lust for blood I can give what you’ve longed for your whole life Freedom from this earthly tie Know this in your heart of hearts Betray me and spend eternity as mine CHORUS
So now it has begun, seems easy enough I haven’t to go far away to find the eldest son He cannot hide from me; his friends won’t shield him now It doesn’t matter who you are your tower’s coming down Your ruin has arrived, politician’s lives are like the tide You had to know that I would come for you Hear the Matriarch, she needs your heart, you know it’s true CHORUS: Fallen from on high, forsaken lies You can’t resist the chance to beg and scream Out for mercy, I’ll drag you out The coward’s way, down on your knees Don’t bother with the scheme, there’s no beguiling me You’re just another job that’s to be done before I’m free Your time is at an end, enough with bargaining Your seat of power is vacated for someone else To hide the truth away, To take all that there is, to never give, you’re all the same CHORUS Down on your knees, I’ll drag you out Fallen from on high, forsaken lies You can’t resist the chance to beg and scream Out for mercy, I’ll drag you out The coward’s way Forfeit all you own, abandon hope She’s called you back; the altar waits for you No time to waste, you cry in vain I won’t let you go; fight me no more
False Walls 08:05
To the south there’s a city, ruled by a serpent-tongue Spinning his lies and tales, blinding everyone When I come to end this tyrant, he spouts words of silken twine Winding me in vapours, mystifying, clouding up my mind Then I recall words of warning said by my master Never allow for his enchantments to penetrate Know his weakness is my strength; overcome this haze CHORUS: Overlord your reign is at an end Your false walls are crumbling within Oppressor your spell has come undone Defy no more, imposter, overlord Once I see through the veil he has conjured out of dust Trapping his followers in a world they cannot trust Like a curtain hangs his doctrine, enslaving all who hear I must destroy this web, free the people, alleviate their fear As though a fog has been lifted, cries echo around us And like his brother before him I feel no remorse He will lie upon the altar, a well-deserving course CHORUS You conjure your false walls Imposter, you surround us Your serpent tongue is enslaving everyone Oppressor, overlord Your doctrine, just vapours Your lies are leading the lost I will end you here
Ten thousand against one… Misty fields before me; forces assembled here still wander in their dreams Bloodshed forthcoming with the dawn, a burning horizon beyond Behold! I have arrived, time for war Gather your shields and your swords Try as you might to defeat me I come as the wind, laying to waste all who dare stand in my way Why risk your lives when there’s only one I need Retreat! He’s using you so he can live Where is the honour in this? It’s needless to die, I won’t stop until I win End all the cowardice now! Boy, I know you’re there, you hide behind a wall of men Your army, it cannot defend if you won’t lead them CHORUS: Ten thousand against one They will rise, ten thousand against one I’ll stand my ground, ten thousand against one See the spirits lifting, drifting upon the wind, their bodies left behind Echoing screams still remain heavy on the breeze, and whisper through the trees Silence, follows me A thousand voices calling My name, Immortal You can’t run from your fate CHORUS x 3
Calling out I’m haunted again The consequences far beyond repair I know he’s waiting for me, I can feel him watching The sound is deafening, begging me to walk the other way But I cannot show mercy, no matter how deserving There’s no controlling fate, he was made to die for nothing Let it go, no hesitating Take him home, no point crying He’s no wasted life; open your eyes CHORUS: Earth and ashes, when I’m gone will still remain Fear not forever, I will wander once again He takes me out to the hills, we’re like old friends walking But it’s a charade, both of us know there’s no other way All despite what I’m feeling, he’s such a wise companion But I’m just wasting time, he will die He’s no wasted life; open your eyes And I know you’ve come to take me home I can’t pretend that I want to go But I know that death it comes for everyone of us And I’ve lived a worthy life with no remorse CHORUS
Despite the promise made to me to let my soul be free Revealing upon my return intentions to betray Yet all the same the fact remains I knew it was a lie In all these years I’ve learned to hope is no way to survive The ritual completed now she has what she demands And I’m just another pawn for her to do as she commands CHORUS: Now I return to the mountain keep Slumber again for eternity Call me Immortal The world no longer my concern I wander home in peace No sense at all in lingering, my chamber calls to me If ever I was done with life; this last one caused me pain And here I thought I had control of everything The future hovers on the edge in the hands of one insane My power is the tipping point and now she knows my name CHORUS x 3
Apex 08:20
Hello mountain, remember me Child of your womb I return from a perilous place To the warmth of your hollow Embrace me Steady giant, monolith Lend me your heart I am weakened again, tired Mend my scars As your power, it sinks into me Your roots take their hold My body as one with the earth My blood as the stone The mountain, my home Heavy walls enclose me; cover me in endless warmth And now the dreams will come Lucid freedom takes me, to a world no longer run by the laws of relativity Fly out beyond the stars, where the wind takes me Away and leads me through the dark, defying gravity CHORUS: Can you follow me? Follow me to apex Through a meadow running, feel the sun upon my face And the air in intoxicates Rushing like a river, toward a waterfall that takes me out beyond reality Away, you lead me through the dark, defying gravity CHORUS x 2 Brother mountain, now we sleep For a thousand years I will see you again Something is coming… Coming for me…


The latest concept album from UTA, released via Napalm Records.


released June 2, 2017


all rights reserved



Unleash The Archers Vancouver, British Columbia

Vocals: Brittney Slayes
Drums: Scott Buchanan
Guitar: Andrew Kingsley
Guitar: Grant Truesdell


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