Time Stands Still

by Unleash The Archers




released June 26, 2015

Vocals: Brittney Slayes
Drums: Scott Buchanan
Guitar/Screams: Grant Truesdell
Guitar/Screams: Andrew Kingsley
Bass: Kyle Sheppard



all rights reserved


Unleash The Archers Vancouver, British Columbia

Keepers of The Immortal, asleep in his mountain keep until he is called forth once again.


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Track Name: Frozen Steel
Beyond the tundra and past the sea, a people have risen tall, soaring past the barriers that their kind have faced
And driving them on, a strength that can’t be stilled
Tales have been told of how they won their home

Warriors, ungodly worshippers of cold
Warriors, of ice and snow
Warriors, the frozen north is where they ride
Warriors, of ice and snow, of ice and snow

Fight for what you believe, no one can take that which can not be held by the hand
Honour and faith, the strongest armour
Cry across distant hills, stand with your brothers in metal against tyranny
Swords in the air; rise and vanquish

Braving the northern winds to be on the front lines, as soldiers unite, to carry the torch


Frozen north they roam
Warriors of the ice and snow
Of the ice and snow
Track Name: Hail Of The Tide
Our vessel navigates over the ocean, forcing its way through the waves, the wind has no command here, no
Hearts fiending for our destination, searching the skies to the west for signs of fair weather

Gone are all reflections on burdens left far beyond these sweet shores

Hey! Follow the sails, follow the wake, follow the blazing stars
Hey! Follow the wind, follow the fates, follow your heart

Seek passage safely through reefs to the harbour, mooring the ship in the bay, the lights that welcome us burn bright
No words can express our elation, oh how it’s good to be home, back in this town again

Gone are all the memories of hardships endured whilst roaming the seas


Long are the days spent away from this anchorage
Legends are all that remain when we depart again
Track Name: Tonight We Ride
Hold on to this moment for all time, this is the night we ride
I hear them calling our name
Raising the flag and fuelling the flame

I’ll find my destination; don’t tell me where to go
I won’t give in this time, feel the power
Not this time, scream it louder

Voyage o’er the mountains and wastelands
Far beyond the sea lies fortune

No regrets, just live for the fight
Renounce your precious lives and ride

Take hold of your steel chariot; though ours is gone, lives on
Rise to the challenge or fall
Nothing will hinder our rise to the call

We’ll find our destination, can’t tell us where to go
We won’t give in this time, feed the hunger
Not this time, growing stronger


We’ll find our destination; let’s go!


Fly, redeem tonight
Destroy, renounce your precious lives and ride
Track Name: Test Your Metal
Test your metal!

You been around town with an original sound and everyone knows who you are
All you really got is your name, but everybody loves you the same
The party don’t start till you walk in the bar, and the crowd is waiting on you
As soon as they hit the lights, take flight
But there’s not many places you can play and all the faces stay the same
I’m not tryin’ to say this town is lame but it’s time…

Test your metal!
Hot city nights, under city lights; we are the night

Trust me when I say to hit the road and escape, can you hear them calling for you
Just try to take it day by day, the next town ain’t so far away
There’s a world outside lets take a ride, I’m not gonna say it again
Now’s the only chance you got to rock
Don’t let your dreams get away, get up, go forth and make them scream… It's time

Track Name: Crypt
Captured here within a quiet tomb, yet not surrounded by the dead
Covered in a shroud of misery, whispers hover in our midst
Ragged few have shared this consequence, but the choice was ours in a way
Full of hope, yet still despondent, will light ever come again?

Shout, unfortunate warden, the time for chains is ended

Crawl out from this cage, feel warmth upon your face, as you step into the sun
This tender breeze, meant only for the free, which you’ll not be for long, your time is done

Dark passageways never end, only glimpses caught between the
Bars of our cell, moving forward yet never terminating anywhere

Bound to the crypt
Darkness fills my soul and skin
Bound, I fall from sin
Blackened spirit, past within

The time for chains is ended

Track Name: No More Heroes
They who hope for a saviour, and stand idly by waiting for aid…
Will never rise above this merciless fate handed out to them deemed unworthy
Lowly pawn, move only when I say

Sheltered by ignorance, culled by naiveté
Cancerous words they all say, just get caught in the way

No more heroes No more heroes No more saviours No more saviours
Waiting on you You're all alone So hopelessly

Now we know the story of how they keep us blind to all they do
Drive us down underwater, drown our hopes, make us believe we’re nothing without them

There’s no standing in our way, complete supremacy, like puppets on a string
If you think you can remain, when all others have failed, stand back and watch us reign


Refuse me; consequence will be your own undoing
Regret will permeate your soul; exile yourself

Who are you to challenge us? No one, just turn the other way
Go ahead I guarantee you’ll fall. Not this time the game has changed
You think that you’re special, you’re not. You don’t define us anymore
Just try your best to set yourself apart. We already are

Track Name: Dreamcrusher
Come; follow your soul, onto hope
Heed not the words others throw
For the heart is the strongest of all
Only fear can defeat what is right
And you can’t let it swallow your mind

But I don’t want to feel that we’ve wasted our lives
When we’re holding our hearts in our hands
And the terror it looms in our sights

Tomorrow this fight will tear us from the sky
To follow the path to the rest of our lives
Someday we’ll find the truth of what’s been said
Find a way to reconcile the lies we’re fed

This fight is noble, can't afford our freedom
Not like the ones who can't admit what we all know

For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire
Carried on the wind, this new crusade begins

No more chains, I refuse to play the games, never kneel again
To words others say, when they tell us how to be, find the strength to break the lines of fate

Can you feel it lurking deep within
I can feel it, striving to begin
Can you feel it something has to give
I can feel it rising up again

Go on have your share, no one can stand in your way
Who said nothing’s fair, I say now’s the time to take

When the dust settles, the silence brings relief
From all the constant cries of entitlement and greed

Can you dare to stand apart, and finish what you start
United on the path, rise up and resist

Through bone and ash, I see the light in the eyes, broken inside, Dreamcrusher
We won't go, with the dead, all we know, never said

Kill the noise, raise your voice

Can you feel it lurking deep within
I can feel it, striving to begin
Can you feel it something has to give
I can feel it rising up again


This world is a Dreamcrusher
Track Name: Going Down Fighting
Come on, you’re the one that brought us here, I can’t believe what you say, tell me you’re kidding
Hell no, you’re not gonna leave us stranded here, no way, you’ve ruined everything
Can’t you see we’re lost without you, though we hate to say
There's so much at cost; you know it’s true, and you can only take

Oh, we’ve heard it all before, and now we’ll hear it once again
Take your cut and go, leave us out in the cold, you can never get away, not this time

Goin’ down fighting! (x4)

If you never want us to return again that’s fine with me, not gonna stand for thievery
I know, you probably think that you’re gonna get away with your little game, but rules are made for breaking
Can’t you see we’re lost
There's so much at cost

Oh we’ve heard it all before, and now we’ll hear it once again
Stop this lying to yourself
You’re crying to an empty floor, and we are not to blame
Stop denying

Track Name: Time Stands Still
Abandon this sun, what’s done is done, and time will go on and on
It won’t be long, we will come, and time will go on and on

Hold on, though it seems that the end it is now upon us, fear not the fall
Rise up, we will find there’s a way for us to carry on, for once and for all

Fortune’s favour, is ours now, ride to glory


Stand with us, be the one that will lead them when the night is over, answer the call
Rebuild, history can only be written by the victors, and we will write it all
Break through, when the walls have fallen and the ash has lifted, light will come
Gather now, we have risen on the winds of our transformation, we finally have won