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schrims This is a revolution of the band's sound. It's 2020, Sci-fi, Imaginations on the Other Side by Blind Guardian levels of amazing metal here. I can't emphasize more how incredible this is. Favorite track: Abyss.
Amalie Heerup
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Amalie Heerup What an absolutely fantastic, brilliant and solid story. Well done doesn't cut it, but I lack words.
Combined with Apex this is a masterpiece. Well-written and preformed!
I so hope the present and future will come to see this for the all-time classic it is. Favorite track: Carry the Flame.
BK Royal Orphan NY
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BK Royal Orphan NY I’m VERY picky with Power Metal. So many power metal bands reading from the same playbook. But once in a while a band comes along that sends the same chill up my spine as when I first heard Helloween walls of Jericho for the 1st time. Unleash the Archers is one such band. The passion, the unique melodies, the hooks, the arrangements, and they’re not afraid to push the envelope. I’m very much looking forward to hearing more. Favorite track: Legacy.
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Waking Dream 03:45
Wandering a waking dream while reaching for the light As the day falls over into night Centuries like flowing streams as years go rushing by Waiting in the dark for afterlife
Abyss 06:44
Open my eyes in a daze How long has it been? Am I so out of place? Warmth I can no longer feel My mountain is gone, I’m surrounded by steel The strangest of structures arises ahead, seems to be held up by nothing Where have I gone, do I dream? How can the stars be all I can see? Dark embrace Has someone awakened me? Please show your face Cold and quiet space CHORUS: Out so far beyond stars and the sun, filling my heart up with wonder, unknown Now, to the edge of imagination, open my eyes to phenomenon, and hope Feverishly I explore Searching for someone, there has to be more I can’t be the only one here My path always guides me, there’s nothing to fear Then why do I feel so immensely alone, this can’t be the end of my story Onward I go once again, fighting my way to my final breath Into the abyss CHORUS Summon the strength of millenniums past, forged by the fire and flame I am the weapon of empires vast, Immortal is more than a name CHORUS Cry into the chasm ahead, into to the sky never-ending, although Time will tell if I’m worthy of it, a future of final transcending, alone
As we make our way through starry night Only memories to hold alight As the darkness closes in again Feel the hunger of awakening Reflect on a thousand lifetimes spent among the slain And realize I know nothing of life beyond the blade CHORUS: Carry me on the winds of a storm Show me the power of the universe Give me the strength of wing to soar Show me the power of the universe Wandering among the ghosts that I have made My companions in this escapade On the edges of periphery Hovers promise of a better way Though I feel that I’ve been here before There’s no time to wonder anymore On this vessel as it carries me Headlong into destiny No longer will I ignore the man I’m meant be CHORUS
Legacy 05:26
As I was wandering the world Trying so hard to find you To give me purpose in this life I’d lost And as I learned to forgive you For all you’d done Destiny opened a door And showed you weren’t the one Worth searching for But as time wore away at my will to carry on Only vengeance could take what I’d give to see it done When I finally found the words The ones I knew would wake you To take you from her and to make you mine Somehow all I felt was hollow Please tell me why Nothing is ever the way You think that it should be It’s not the same As we stand in this place and you wonder who I am Can’t you see in my face I’m his son, his earth and ash And you are here as servant one last time Together we will bring her to the light No more hiding away in your apex again Not when spending your days as a slave is near an end I promise this, I vow to set you free You are the answer, you are my legacy
Return to Me 05:34
Return what you have taken from me Rightfully mine, I will not allow this, thief Think you know this weapon in your hands? You are a fool, I am his only command Attack! My boys are coming for you Try as you might, you can’t escape your doom I am alpha, rule absolute Think you can win? I know you only can lose CHORUS: Now behold my finest hour, ultimate power All the universe is mine, wind and water, earth and fire And so, you see how futile the fight This is the end, why do you even try? Kneel before me, swear to obey And I’ll let you live, serve for eternity Now behold my finest hour, assured victory, ultimate power All the universe is mine, to control, to define No son, you can not run, I’ll find you No matter how far you fly Hear me, fear me! I’ll follow you for all of time CHORUS
Soulbound 03:54
We race around the melted char of what was once a neutron star And use the gravity to whip us into dark galactic rifts Yet still somehow we can’t escape, they have no flaw, they feel no pain These twisted shadows of the men I once condemned We can Why do you seek us See right You won’t defeat us Through you Turn around while you can Your soul Try to remember Is ours Why you defend her This time Shatter the master plan CHORUS: Soul bound Endlessly forever Locked between the darkness and the light Don’t drown In the swarming, blackened rising Hold on to humanity and fight Tormented by the tethering of souls to phantoms that remain These spectres seem devoid of life but there is something in their eyes Refuse to see they can’t be saved, I push to pull them from the grave End their addiction to the thrall once and for all But who am I to be their saviour, slave to time When I am doomed to be in chains for all my life CHORUS
Once more we’re flying fast as light Dark matter passing in the night Pursued by a force we can’t outrun As we hurtle towards a dying sun We maneuver through the remnants of a moon on the solar winds of supernovas There is not a place to hide, the Matriarch is close behind, it’s plain to see she’s coming for us all CHORUS: Fly till the stars collide, till we live or die Faster than ever before Fly to forget your past, to move on at last Fly on and forever more Faster than light Still farther and beyond we race Into the outer reach of space Through systems I will never know And yet still we have nowhere to go As the planets shatter right before my eyes there’s no turning back, she’s already here Stare into infinity, and know that time is short for me, I can’t deny she’s coming for us all CHORUS Why do I not turn and fight? And see if I somehow might, set myself free Why do I feel so alive? As if suddenly I somehow find, I’m where I should be? Finally, I feel I can face up to all that I’ve done and become something more Fly till the stars collide, till I live or die Faster than ever before Fly to forgive my past, to move on at last Fly on and forever more Fly till the stars collide, till I live or die Faster than ever before Fly to forgive my past, to move on at last Fly on and forever more Faster than light
Somehow how I find myself standing on the edge of Something that I desperately need From this moment I will not be the same No more crying for the things I can’t change Here I will put this tale to rest Finish what I started long ago And though it may not be the ending I wish Only victory can bring me home Come, I won’t wait for long I was never your Slave for all eternity And now here we stand face to face Feel the ground, crashing all around Fight to fan the flame, ignite the battle rage Tear the sky, watch the boulders fly As the mountain scape, crumbles in her wake So, you’ve come to prove yourself, despite the lies you tell, you know you won’t prevail And I, most powerful of all, have come to see you fall, you’ll find no mercy here Search within, uncover the will to win, turn against the tide that washes o’er Find the strength to fall and rise again, open up the gates, unleash the force CHORUS: I am the wind that shapes the land, old as time and twice as strong Oceans arise at my command, I alone can carry on To break her chains Forward I push on into the storm surrounding me I await her strike Could it be she’s reached the pinnacle now Silence as I stand within the eye In this hurricane of her design And watch as I drain the light from inside Now at last I see what must be done and so I fly Firm within my grasp I hold the spark and shatter it See her eyes go dark Could it be I’ve finally won the war now I see the clouds are gone The storm that raged is quiet once again I feel the stars above Shining on the fragments that remain Search within, uncover the will to win, turn against the tide that washes o’er Find the strength to fall and rise again, open up the gates, unleash the force CHORUS No, what is this I see Broken before me Once again I pay the price I’ve nothing without sacrifice
All the time we had is wasted and gone, and all I ask is one moment more Hold fast onto that flickering flame, or tell me what has all this been for But I need you to remember, the power was in you all along You must remain despite all the pain and bring hope to those who have none Promise me you will be the one CHORUS: My guiding light Fire in the night I am with you, wherever you are Your guiding light, shining bright At last this aching comes to an end, and finally I can set you free You will be the one to carry the flame, tell me that you’ll do this for me But how can I remember, when the power came from you all along And I can’t deny that your strength is mine and without you all would be lost I can’t bear to ever go on CHORUS
Afterlife 07:30
Facing the glory open before me, millions of lightyears to roam For once in my life the journey is mine and I don’t know which way to go Breaking the curse has given me purpose, charging into the unknown Choosing to right the wrongs far behind and forging a path of my own But with such power, think how you could rule Hold to your promise to watch over those in despair Why would you choose to serve when you could be master of all Be true to your honour and fight for a world that is fair CHORUS: Out of shadow, out of darkness, welcome to the light As the day shines boldly over night Follow me to finally be who you are inside Open wide, embrace the afterlife Don’t waste your chance to seek revenge at last I won’t waste my freedom, vengeance will not make me whole Fight back you fool, make them pay for transgressions past Fear not your anger, use it to rise up and free your soul CHORUS


Less than a year after the release of their covers EP Explorers, Canadian melodic power metal quartet UNLEASH THE ARCHERS have sharpened their arrows and hit the bullseye once again with their fifth full-length album, Abyss. Featuring 10 new tracks, this adventure is a concept album and sequel to 2017’s Apex, and was once again recorded with legendary producer Jacob Hansen of Hansen Studios in Denmark. Abyss succeeds in showcasing the mind-blowing technical craftmanship of the young four-piece with the perfect mix of highly complex, catchy bangers and moody, synth-infused power ballads. Pairing traditional heavy sounds in the vein of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest with fast-paced power metal, the album is once again accented by frontwoman Brittney Slayes' raw four octave mezzo-soprano, shining both in powerful anthems like the outstanding title track “Abyss” as well as the fragile intro of the epic “The Wind That Shapes The Land”, and contrasted with guttural screams on the soaring “Return To Me” or the transcendent album closer “Afterlife". The quartet from Vancouver has forged their own niche in the world of metal and cemented it with memorable live shows all over the world, and now, a lucky 13 years after their inception, they've delivered their strongest album to date.



released August 21, 2020


all rights reserved



Unleash The Archers Vancouver, British Columbia

Vocals: Brittney Slayes
Drums: Scott Buchanan
Guitar: Andrew Kingsley
Guitar: Grant Truesdell


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